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El Encierro : The Running of the Bulls

The Running of the Bulls at San Fermin in Nueva Orleans (#SFNO #SFNO2020) is our homage to the world famous Encierro of Pamplona, Spain, a.k.a. The Running of the Bulls. Instead of bovines, our bulls are actually RollerBulls played by skaters selected from roller derby leagues around the world including New Orleans’ all-female flat-track derby team the Big Easy Rollergirls! Join us, more than thousands of  runners and hundreds RollerBulls as we bring our version of Pamplona’s Fiesta to New Orleans!

2020 San Fermin in Nueva Orleans will be a VIRTUAL PARTY due to a nasty little bug that is keeping us apart.  Our hearts go out to all who have been affected by Covid19 in any way.  We want more than anything to see our friends this year, so via the power of the internet we’ve figured out a way to get us all together, without having to break the rules.  Read below for programming, which will be updated as things unfold.


We will host this year’s event on ZOOM at 9:30 AM Central Time.  This will give our West Coast amigos a comfortable time to get up and under the Bota of Sangria and give you all time to get yourselves together.  We’ll “open the doors” at 9:30am and start the fiesta.  We’ll have a DJ to get everyone in the mood.  We’re working on possible ways to present the procession of San Fermin, but it may just be Beth carrying a stick with Fermin around the block…who knows.  At 10AM our Pope, the beloved Reverend Psych Ward will bless you all in his most charismatic of ways.  We will then bounce around to some of your parties to get to know some of our friends.  We’ve got groups of people who have faithfully attended for many, many years, and we want you all to know who they are.  We’ll have some performances (live or recorded) from some of our local favorite Krewes, past music acts and we’ll be popping in to some of our participating Roller Derby leagues to see the amazing costumes.  We’re working on details to host a costume contest as well as a Participant Party contest.

So, what do we ask of YOU?  Open your calendars up for Saturday July 11th.  Figure out who is going to host your clan’s event and start inviting friends.  We ask that you follow your local rules in terms of social distancing…please be wise and thoughtful of all. The access to the interactive ZOOM event will be a $20 fee, which covers the host +1.  For each attendee we’ll ask for $10 which can be paid via PayPal the morning of…this will be on an honor system.  The Power Hour, or Potentzia Ordua in Euskera (Basque), will be loaded with fun.  So, start on your costumes, plan out your fiesta, and research your Sangria recipes!  Let’s make limonada out of our limons and enjoy that day just as much as if we were running through the streets of Nueva Orleans!

More and more info to come!  VIVA SAN FERMIN





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    El Encierro : The Running of the Bulls
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    9:30 am - 11:15 am
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