Los Pastóres are just awakening from their Mardi Gras slumber. We’ll have the site updated shortly.
Plan to BE HERE JULY 9 – 12, 2015 for #SFNO2015!

San Fermin in Nueva Orleans the annual Encierro (bull run) festival in New Orleans, which pays homage to the world famous Encierro of Pamplona, Spain, or “The Running of the Bulls.” One small difference – our bulls are none other than the Big Easy Rollergirls and participants from other roller derby leagues across the country!

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  • Thursday, July 9: SFNO Spanish Wine Dinner
  • Friday, July 10: El Txupinazo
  • Saturday, July 11: 8 AM SHARP: El Encierro (Running of the Bulls)
  • Saturday Evening: Fiesta de Pantalones (Yes, there is a party in our pants!)
  • Sunday, July 12: El Pobre de Mi recovery brunch