Cantico Contest

Welcome to the first ever Cantico social media contest! Where we’ll Sing the songs of San Fermin!!! The goal is to bring awareness to San Fermin in Nueva Orleans (SFNO) and engage our current community with a chance to win tickets, all while learning some of the iconic tunes sung in the streets of Pamplona!

Song #1

Uno de enero…

“uno de Enero, dos de Febrero, tres de Marzo, cuatro de Abril, cinco de Mayo, seis de Junio, siete de Julio San Fermin. A Pamplona hemos de ir, con una media, con una media, a Pamplona hemos de ir con una media y un calcetín”


“first of January, second of February, third of March, fourth of April, fifth of May, six of June, seven of July San Fermin. To Pamplona we will go, with tights, with tights. To Pamplona we will go, with a tight and a sock”

Song #2

Prior to each encierro, from July 7-14th, you’ll see the corredores singing this prayer to San Fermin, asking for his protection during the Running of the Bulls.
“A San Fermín pedimos, por ser nuestro patrón, nos guíe en el encierro dándonos su bendición”

(sung twice)
then “VIVA, GORA”


We beseech San Fermin to guide us in this run and to give us his blessing’


Since 2009, the second verse has been sung in Euskera (Basque Language), if you pull this off, it’s extra credit, for sure!
“Entzun arren San Fermín, zu zaitugu patroi, zuzendu gure oinarrak, entzierru hontan otoi”.


  1. Record yourself & friends singing either or both songs, the more creative the better.  
  2. Use the hashtag #NOLAbullsCantico & tag @nolabulls
  3. Follow the Nola Bulls instagram & Facebook accounts

Gather your friends, up to 10 per group.
Everyone who appears in the video (plus the videographer) will automatically be given a 15% off code to tickets for the official SFNO17 party.

We’ll pick our top 3 for each song (so post individually, if you are doing both) and let the NOLA Bulls community vote on the BEST video. The winning group(s) will receive a pair of VIP tickets and will be allowed to sing the song during #SFNO2017.